Our fees per class are as follows:


Two and Three year olds are Half Price - £3.75

Infants (to Primary) - £7.50

Juniors (to Grade three) - £8.50

Seniors (from Grade four) - £9.50

Vocational - from £10.50


Bring a friend discount

If you introduce a friend to the school a credit of £10 will be credited to your account if they attend and pay for at least one term.


PayPal Logo

We prefer to be paid by bank transfer, but can also take payment for invoiced amounts by PayPal if you prefer to pay by credit card. Because PayPal make a charge for using their service, we ask that you add 4% to the amount due for payment. For instance, if you owe £60, you will need to pay £62.40 to settle up with us. However, we credit your account with exactly what PayPal send to us, which will be the amount you paid minus the PayPal fees.


Making your payment

Please use the drop down list below to explain what you are paying for and please enter your child's name and any other information that will help us identify what the payment is for.


Once on the PayPal website please enter the exact amount you want to pay and press the "Update" link, including the 4% fee (go back if you make a mistake) and enter the details requested by PayPal.


Payment for:
Child's name/item description: